CREATIVE FREQUENCIES resonates loud and clear!


Welcoming over 400 people to the Railyards in Albuquerque, Creative Frequencies proved to be a phenomenal night! From the moment that the first volunteers arrived, the Rezonate Art staff was continually greeted with enthusiasm for producing such a unique event.

RYANfinalA collaboration with Beyond Buckskin, Creative Frequencies involved many awesome community partners, vendors, student organizations and partnering companies. With opportunities to shop through the cool merchandise of Beyond Buckskin, Rezonate Art and other vendors, several individuals took home original works of art, jewelry, posters, graphic novels, and fashions. One fortunate guest found a deal as he snatche a fresh skate deck by Ryan Singer. Meant for the young and “young at heart”, the event included activities for all ages. As the event started, kids created chalk art designs on pavement. The hit was the bubblewands that had the children overcome with happiness.

Highlights of the evening included poetry and hip hop performances by Brian Frejo nd MC Def-i. Rezonate Art and Beyond Buckskin designers revealed fresh, one-of-a-kind designs during two runway segments. There was a great amount of energy from the models as they took part in both line-ups. All of the models struck fierce poses, danced and even took selfies on the runway, while the upbeat music played by DJ Element, shook the building.

From every angle, attendees watched the talented artists Randy L. Barton and Yatika Fields paint on large scale canvases measuring 8 feet long and 4 feet tall. Inspired by the music and the vibes of the night, each painter dazzled the audience with their live painting skills. Reflecting on the evening, founder Warren Montoya said his favorite moment of the night was, “Looking at Yatika’s piece at the beginning and then in the middle of the night, noticing how much it had evolved. It was amazing to me to see the talent of these artists while they worked! I know that as an artist, if I felt that excited, I can only imagine how other people felt.”

Creative Frequencies was a tapestry woven together over many months and brought together numerous individuals to celebrate the unique, contemporary expressions of Indigenous art. Built to promote the efforts of many creatives, Montoya shares, “I wanted people to form a deeper connection to art and community, through this event. I think this connection was really felt when (models) George Alexander and Greg Ballenger did their killer cool handshake on the runway. It was an unfiltered moment that guests could relate to through their energy.” It was this unrehearsed vibe that was free-flowing and energetic from start to finish that made all the attendees feel that they were part of a true community event.




Note from Founder:

From our sponsors and partners to our models and volunteers – we are grateful for having fostered such rich relationships in the process of coordinating this event. Thank you for encouraging our creative endeavor to produce this multi-dimensional experience for our community! We can’t wait till next year!

Thank you to our CREATIVE FREQUENCIES Sponsors

Tamaya Enterprises Incorporated • Southern Sandoval Investments • Santa Ana Golf Club • Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center • New Mexico Community Capital • Prospect Lead Source • SOLO 505

Print Express LLC • Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers • Susan Jordan Law

Tesah Latson, Notabove Jewelry, Jorge Gonzales, SIPI Board of Regents, Nichole Alex, Alina Potrzebowski, Jaclyn Roessel, Warbird Press LLC, Adam Billie, Chad Gruber, Monty Roessel, Donna Pino, Mary Roessel, Props and Glory, Andres Lazo, Shannon Nieto, Better Humans, Karen Spencer-Barnes & Gene Barnes

Visual Frequencies Part 1: Yatika Starr Fields

image (3)

Artist Yatika Starr Fields is assured he’ll have the company of painting for the rest of his life. “It’s a very tough medium…but I know it’s meant for me and I am meant for it.” Having just completed a large scale mural in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, Fields was feeling the physical strain of such an endeavor but eager about the Rezonate Art event fast-approaching.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Fields, (Osage, Cherokee and Creek) is looking forward to painting as part of the Creative Frequencies event April 23. “I love the adventure of it. I don’t preplan designs because I like to respond to the energy and vibe of the scene. There is a spontaneity about live painting that is unparalleled.”

Serpentina, 48"x48" 2015
Serpentina, 48″x48″ 2015

Fields is looking forward to seeing what mystery is unveiled as he paints during this unique event. “Warren and I talked about the possibility of me being a part of this kind of event late last year.” Being a little over a week away, Fields is excited the event is occurring during the Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque. This will provide a time to share his work with a wide reaching community including many Native people, “painting is really a vehicle for people to gravitate toward and latch onto – it is really never-ending.”

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Musical Frequencies Part 2: Def-i


It’s fitting that Creative Frequencies will include the musical talent Def-i and will be held at the Railyards in Albuquerque. Fitting because this is where Def-i was first introduced to Rezonate Art.  “It drew my attention to consistently see Warren (Rezonate Art Founder/Owner) set up at the Railyards Market last summer…he proved to be a staple at the event,” he shares. “I really think Rezonate Art is for anyone who really likes good art.”


Having grownup up between Shiprock and Albuquerque in New Mexico, Chris “Def-i” Mike-Bidtah has been inspired by a lot of his recent travels with other artists around the country. Noting how fortunate he feels to love hip-hop culture but music generally. “I feel I get the best of both worlds to be able to be in the audience and then perform on stage – it’s a great experience!”


Def-i is thrilled that Creative Frequencies is blending the creative energy of music, art and fashion. “To be able to represent Native people at an all ages, all nations show is awesome.” Def-i feels it is great to see an organization creating their own event with distinct flavor as, “it’s a great representation to us all.”


The looks the fashion designers will share is at the top of Def-i’s list of things to enjoy at the April 23 event. “It will also be great to be on stage with DJ Element again. We used to be roommates so already have a good chemistry…it will all be fun. I never give the same show twice but I am excited about the new material and am ready to rock this performance.”


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Continue to follow the blog as we share behind the scenes details of Creative Frequencies. Follow the blog to stay up to date with the event’s details. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets.

Musical Frequencies Part 1: DJ Element


Hailing from Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community in Arizona, DJ Element has made an international name with his music. Traveling across continents his work has been a testament to the “anything is possible” mentality he carries. “It is exciting to be at a place in my career and see what my hard work has created…and now I want to show people if I can do it they can do it and maybe even do it better than I did.”

DJ Element is part of the Creative Frequencies line-up. It is also the only event he is performing at during Gathering of Nations week in New Mexico. Noting how this time of the year in Albuquerque, “is a great time to connect with new people and old friends – it’s a reunion!” Element shares.


It was through his travels to New Mexico that DJ Element was introduced to Rezonate Art. Continuously hearing about what the company was working on he noticed “Warren’s name kept coming up in conversations whether it was fashion or art.” Later when the opportunity to be a part of Creative Frequencies came up, he “was drawn to the idea of starting something from scratch. Something that has never been done before. I can really identify with that – doing something new and different. This event is new.”

Looking ahead to the Creative Frequencies, DJ Element notes, “I am excited by the no restrictions aspect of the event. When there are no restrictions there is unlimited possibilities. So I hope people come out and have fun!”


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Continue to follow the blog as we share behind the scenes details of Creative Frequencies. Follow the blog to stay up to date with the event’s details. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets.

A Conversation with Beyond Buckskin

Dr. Jessica Metcalfe, owner Beyond Buckskin Boutique.
Dr. Jessica Metcalfe, owner Beyond Buckskin Boutique.


Creative Frequencies will be a big event and I love the idea of Natives taking over the town during Gathering of Nations!” exclaims Dr. Jessica Metcalfe, owner of Beyond Buckskin Boutique, an online business which sells and promotes Native American Fashion. Beyond Buckskin Boutique is collaborating with Rezonate Art in presenting the April 23 event in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

OXDX Clothing by Jared Yazzie.
OXDX Clothing by Jared Yazzie.


“It’s important for Native-owned businesses to collaborate in order to compete with the others in the business. Fashion is one of the hardest industries and depends on lots of money and contacts,” explains Metcalfe. “It becomes important for us to support each others work and broaden our networks. In this way we subvert the norms of the industry and create an even bigger noise and gain supporters for both our businesses.”

Post - Sun Rose
Fashion by Sun Rose Iron Shell.


Beyond Buckskin Boutique will host a fashion show during the event featuring new one-of-kind prints from Jared Yazzie, lush deer-hide handbags from Nathalie Waldman, high-end street wear from Alano Edzerza and parfleche inspired designs from Sun Rose Iron Shell. Metcalfe guarantees the event as whole will be fun & lively with models who share in the high-energy vibe.

Designs by Alano Edzerza.
Designs by Alano Edzerza.


The work of Native people utilizes a form of creativity “based on core traditional values, concepts and designs but is being adapted to who we are today. It is exciting and meaningful to see talented individuals share that now,” shares Metcalfe.

“I love what Rezonate Art does! We’ve done smaller events together but this has been great to work with Warren and the team during this time in Albuquerque on such a large scale event,” Metcalfe says.

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As we countdown to Creative Frequencies, we’ll feature interviews and profiles of the dynamic participants of the event. Follow the blog to stay up to date with the event’s details. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets.






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Since its founding, Rezonate Art has been involved with some incredible events, collaborated with new talents and has worked to bring more communities together through art. And now, its time for our own dynamic experience of artistic vision to take place! CREATIVE FREQUENCIES: Expression of New Indigenous Art, will showcase various innovative talents within contemporary Native fashion, art and music. Partnering with Beyond Buckskin Boutique on April 23rd, we will host an interactive event featuring fashion designs, a hip-hop concert and live art performance at the Albuquerque Railyards.

Coinciding with the Gathering of Nations Pow-Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this all ages event will deliver a incredibly unique experience. An electric event by design, CREATIVE FREQUENCIES will include performances by the talented Native hip hop duo, DJ Element and Def-I, a live art performance by muralists Yatika Fields and Randy L. Barton and a fashion show by BBB and Rezonate Art!

As Rezonate Art founder Warren Montoya shares, “CREATIVE FREQUENCIES will showcase many current ways Native peoples are remaining active, creative, thoughtful and connected to our identity and heritage, in this day and age.” As we prepare for this high intensity event, stay tuned to this blog as we share more about our partners in upcoming posts. Be sure to purchase tickets soon as this event will, no doubt, be rockin’! For more information and updates, link to our Facebook event page.



sm1A special note…

We’d like to say thank you to those who came out to see Rezonate Art at the Presence 4.0, Beyond Buckskin Boutique & Rezonate Art ++style mixer & fashion speak++ event in Phoenix last Saturday. We had a great time and released a new line of earrings along with the first tee of our spring line. For more photos from the event, check out the link to P4’s blog as they captured more looks from attendees at Also, stay tuned to the as the rest of our spring line is continually being revealed!

Much love!


Rezonate in the Desert


Rezonate Art will bring heat to the Valley of the Sun with another collaboration with native style blog Presence 4.0 and Beyond Buckskin Boutique in Phoenix, Arizona Saturday, March 7. The Style Mixer & Fashion Speak event at Sochu House (2801 N. Central Ave, Phoenix,AZ) will include a conversation with Native fashion designers at 7pm, featuring Sho Sho Esquiro, Bethany Yellowtail, Jared Yazzie and Alano Edzerza. DJ Randy Boogie will spin from 8-10pm as the Native Artist Trunk Show moves into full swing. We will have a selection of new earrings from our collection along with select tees. You’ll want to attend as we’ll also share some fresh info about a major event happening on April 23rd in Albuquerque, New Mexico!


On March 7 and 8, founder, Warren Montoya can also be found at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market in Phoenix. Promising a fresh edition of his hand-painted earrings and a selection of new works, Montoya can be found in booth D-35. For more information about the festivities visit here. While at the Heard don’t forget to check out the new exhibit “Beautiful Games: American Indian Sport and Art” which also includes a piece by Montoya.


We look forward to seeing our Rezonate Art family in the desert and of course excited to meet new folks. Follow us on Instagram and our Facebook page to stay clued in about our happenings in Phoenix and beyond.

A Fashionable Weekend

It was a weekend filled with beautiful fashion, friends and art! On October 18th and 19th, REZONATE Art fashions pieces, along with Penny Singer and Redwing Designs were featured in a runway fashion show titled “RED THREADS”. This event was coordinated by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM and is part of an Art Market that the Cultural Center holds every year. With a full running time of 60 min, attendees included many local supporters as well as visitors from multiple states and countries. Designers had the help of many glamorous Native models who presented their wear, with vibrancy and style. Flavorful electronic music accompanied the artistic display during the set by each designer.

Through two showings, REZONATE Art was happy to reveal the two newest screen-printed t-shirt designs in its collection. A design named “Giver of Life, Warmth, Growth and Goodness”, created by artist Randy Barton(Navajo), and another named “Indin American” by artist Warren Montoya, were a huge hit. Along with the fashion pieces, REZONATE also presented its current collection of art. The collection includes works by Nicole Hatfield(Comanche, Kiowa) Jeff Slim(Navajo), Randy Barton, Jay Smiley(Navajo) and Marina Eskeets(Navajo) All art and designs are available through the store.

Overall, the weekend was a success. REZONATE Art was very happy to be included in the RED THREADS Fashion Show. We always look forward to representing the fresh ways that Native people are pronouncing themselves within Fashion and Art, today. With gratitude, we thank the Indian Pueblo cultural center and all of our supports who came out for this event! If you were unable to attend, stay connected via our Facebook and Instagram profiles, to see where we’ll be next. Until then… Be well, friends.


As of August 1st, REZONATE ART has been in business for One Full Year!!!! WOOO-WHOOOO!!! ***celebration dance***

So, as a token of our appreciation for the growing support of our work and mission, are giving away some of our featured items to a few lucky (awesome) people!! Yes, YOU have a chance to win one of the coolest, screen printed shirts, pair of earrings or pieces of art, created by up-and-coming Native Artist today! This is our way of saying that we appreciate all the love, support, words of encouragement and positive feelings that have kept us rolling through this long and high-paced year! Simply “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, then share or repost the “Birthday Giveaway” picture with the hashtag #RezonateArt (and @rezonateart for Instagram) to enter. Then, on August 8th we will randomly select the winners!   So, please make sure to “Like” and follow REZONATE ART as soon as possible! And, thanks again from everyone at REZONATE ART!BirthdayGiveaway_FBCover-01

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