What does "REZONATE" mean?

Originally spelled with an “S”, the word “Resonate” is defined as the way sound continues, resounds or echoes through space. It also describes how something can evoke or suggest ideas, memories, emotions and connection.

 The word REZONATE is also a play on words. “REZ,” a slang term short for “reservation”, refers to the territories that many North American indigenous people call their homes today, after the Indian removal and relocation era overseen by the U.S. government

Merging these words together, REZONATE becomes a living metaphor, philosophy and desire to create positive change for our communities and people, through art.

How is REZONATE different than other companies?

REZONATE ART represents unity, talent and hope. We encourage the endeavor of Native America Contemporary artists by providing them multiple ways to sell and distribute their work to the public. We also work in partnership with these artists to build revenue for the goal of establishing a Non Profit (501-C3). The goal for this non-profit, will be to support tribal community projects, art and wellness programs within Native Communities.

What is the business format of REZONATE?

 Currently operating as a for-profit business, REZONATE Art exclusively promotes and sells art created by current, contemporary Native artists. Either through commissioning work or partnering with artists, we promote their work through multiple venues year round, and provide artists the chance to “resonate” beyond their immediate circle.

Why is REZONATE soley owned and operated by Indigenous People?

REZONATE is solely owned and operated by North American Indigenous peoples to advocate for high quality representation and self-determination for our people. Our staff and artists are comprised of peoples from multiple Indigenous communities and share an insight and commitment to the issues that directly affect the people, cultures, and traditional aspects, which we strive to maintain.

Who is REZONATE art for?

Every piece sold through REZONATE ART is available to anyone who loves art, jewelry or fashion, and wants supports our mission. All pieces are NOT for resale or reproduction, unless previously agreed upon.

Is the art authentic?

ALL art available through REZONATE ART is authentically created by Native American Artists. However, specific items such as apparel designs, paper prints and stickers are duplicated, but only in a previously agreed upon way and by consent of the artist who created it.

Why buy art from REZONATE ART?

Here are four (4) of many reasons:

  1. Every sale encourages the continuation of our mission to support artists.
  1. With each purchase, you support the long-standing tradition of arts within Indigenous communities and ensure a way for artists to continue creating the work we all appreciate.
  1. Every purchase brings REZONATE ART one step closer to our goal of establishing a non-profit to support cultural, art and wellness initiatives within tribal communities.
  1. With each purchase, YOU become an advocate for the mission and goals of REZONATE ART.

What projects are going on?

Currently, REZONATE is in the project planning stages for multiple projects in 2015. Please stay connected by signing up for our newsletter and following our Social Media pages using the links on our home page. By signing up for these resources you will be able to stay informed of upcoming events, partnerships, collaborations, opportunities to volunteer and projects near YOU!

How do I become a REZONATE artist?

If you are a Native Contemporary artist who is interested in becoming a REZONATE artist, we invite you to EMAIL us with details about you(tribe, location, interests), your art (description with JPG examples), contact information and reason for wanting to become a part of REZONATE. We will then contact you as soon as we can, to discuss your interest.

What happens after I purchase through your online store?

The item(s) will be shipped via, USPS, UPS or FedEx, depending on the delivery request and type of item(s) being shipped. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery on domestic orders, and 2-4 weeks on international orders. Once the item is shipped you will be able to track your order through the selected delivery service.

Is my purchase secure through your website?

Your financial security is our highest priority. REZONATE uses USAePay for payments, and our checkout page automatically encrypts your confidential information so we never see your financial information. In addition, USAePay uses the latest anti-fraud technology, so you can trust that your information is safe.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We happily accept all major credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover can be charged through Paypal as well as regular account payments. We also accept money orders, however, the item will not be shipped until the Money order is received. Cash is also accepted on face to face transactions (in person). Personal checks are not accepted.

What is your return policy?

We work very hard to make sure everyone is happy with their order. If you feel that the item is not as described, please contact us within three days of receiving your package and we will determine a suitable solution to the problem.

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